Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Fair

We have been enjoying our time here in York, PA and are sortof wrapping it up and looking forward to the next assignment.  I've learned a lot about travel nursing so far, and maybe at some point I'll delve into my revelations, but for now, it's a weekend and so I'm gonna have a little fun!
This weekend we're being hit by Hurricane Hanna and the York Fair is being rained on.  So for now we're sitting around, fiddling on the internet, cleaning, doing laundry, and enjoying the nothingness.  We went to my aunt's birthday party last night - we got to hang out with the cousins and their kids.  Zack really enjoyed making little Andrea and Autumn jump and fly and we enjoyed talking to family that we don't get to see often.  It has been fun being in this area for a time, we were in just the right place at the right time I think.  It's amazing how God orders your steps when you let him - I am simply in awe.
Tomorrow we're going to "The Door" church with my cousin and her family.  This is a small church that meets at a high school, and I'm told it's very seeker sensitive.  Our church experiences here have been fascinatingly varied to say the least.  Conservative, liberal, small, large, vibrant, boring - you name it, we've been there.  The Church is big and beautiful and we've been honored to witness different people's experiences of it.
Well, time to get back to laundry - more later!