Wednesday, May 27, 2009

running in small circles but somehow getting things done

Hey again!
Blog time!
Today was Day 3 of house project. Sounds so... something, i'm not sure. Today Ethel and I did some small jobs like washing curtains, testing the sander on the floor, vacuuming and washing the floor in the upstairs kitchen. We've started making some changes already to the basic decor. We pulled up some carpet to find beautiful hardwood floors that are aged but still sturdy, intact and clean. A little sandpaper and some stain will make it look like new! We moved some beds around to make room for our incoming stuff. The place is starting to feel homey.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Emptying of expectations - and being surprised!

Well... here it is.
It's official!  The ... well I guess we're calling it the "Millersburg House" at the moment (better name to come I hope) experiment is underway!  Yesterday I visited the house we will soon be moving into and attempted to catalog everything we found in said house.   You want a rundown?  The big things: 2 ovens; 2 fridges; a dishwasher, a washer, a dryer; 4 chests of drawers; 3 nightstands; 7 beds; 3 tables; 12 chairs; 3 couches; 2 coffee tables; 2 TV's with 5 remotes; an office desk and a loveseat.  What?!?  True story... That's just the furniture and stuff.  Some of my favorite small stuff included 13 pillows; a mousepad, a frying pan; 4 vases with silk flowers and 4 vases without flowers; 10 forks, 21 knives, and 39 spoons; one lonely wineglass; 2 quilts; a paper maché pumpkin; 9 butcher knives; 2 coffee pots; a creepy wooden clown on the door of a very eerie room with a very freaky rocking chair in it... and a big silver lockbox filled with DJ records, Playstation games and CD's.  Woot!
More on the house later.
In other news I finished my last bottle of Garnier Fructis shampoo.
ttyl rachel