Friday, May 22, 2009

Emptying of expectations - and being surprised!

Well... here it is.
It's official!  The ... well I guess we're calling it the "Millersburg House" at the moment (better name to come I hope) experiment is underway!  Yesterday I visited the house we will soon be moving into and attempted to catalog everything we found in said house.   You want a rundown?  The big things: 2 ovens; 2 fridges; a dishwasher, a washer, a dryer; 4 chests of drawers; 3 nightstands; 7 beds; 3 tables; 12 chairs; 3 couches; 2 coffee tables; 2 TV's with 5 remotes; an office desk and a loveseat.  What?!?  True story... That's just the furniture and stuff.  Some of my favorite small stuff included 13 pillows; a mousepad, a frying pan; 4 vases with silk flowers and 4 vases without flowers; 10 forks, 21 knives, and 39 spoons; one lonely wineglass; 2 quilts; a paper maché pumpkin; 9 butcher knives; 2 coffee pots; a creepy wooden clown on the door of a very eerie room with a very freaky rocking chair in it... and a big silver lockbox filled with DJ records, Playstation games and CD's.  Woot!
More on the house later.
In other news I finished my last bottle of Garnier Fructis shampoo.
ttyl rachel

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