Tuesday, January 6, 2015

LIFE - preparation!

Every day Zack and I have a little fluttery moment that this is becoming so real!  Old Christmas in Eastern Europe is tomorrow and then... well, we don't know what yet, but we've been thinking more about Old Christmas this year than ever before in our lives.  We are learning Ukrainian (we spent about a week on the alphabet alone, it's really hard!).  Remember that list of books I read to prepare for this adoption?  Well, it's grown... quite a bit... and now it's time to go back through and read about what we need to know in this phase.  I'm so glad I took the time to take notes.  I also filled the little Android tablet that Kian got for Christmas with games and books for the plane.  We've tested a few out already - Kian approved!  (His favorites so far are Endless Alphabet and Pet Doctor.)  We are also going to shop for a few gifts for the orphanage workers.  I've bought a few very lovely brooches from Save and Serve thrift shop already.  My mom and I dug up some hairbows from my sister's and my childhood (was that correct grammar?) to donate to the kiddies in the orphanage.  This is some really fun stuff, right here!  We feel freer to do these things now that Christmas is done and we are looking at travel in the not-so-distant horizon!