Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fire Inspection

I know several of my posts have said the same thing, "We're finishing up our home study", but this really feels like the home stretch.  I only fitting word I can find for this segment of our journey is "slogging."  I hear of people getting their home study done in a few weeks' time, and I look at our paperwork and our journey and I think, "How???"  We really are plugging at it at the fastest pace we are able, due to our family and work and other commitments.  Except for those times that I wrongfully go about comparing our situation, we feel very good about where we are.  We believe whole-heartedly that things are happening in the timing that they are supposed to, with God's leading.  We are trusting and chipping away at it.  A quote from Dory in Finding Nemo - "Just keep slogging".  Wait... something doesn't sound right about that... hmmm.

Several things did happen lately that suggest progression.  We went through the classes up in Kent.  That was a big check mark on our to do list.  Despite the horrible weather and slow travel and finding sitters through the flu season, we did it!!!  We were to have our 7th and final class session on Sunday, during the weekend that I work (I would have worked the night before, slept in the car on the way up and on the way back, and then gone to work that night again), but it was cancelled and we were given instructions to do it online.  I thought that was pretty cool.  Nextly, we had our fire inspection today.  They were supposed to come between 9 and 10, and then we watched the fire trucks and several ambulances drive past sirens blazing at 8am and I wondered if we would see them.  Sure enough, at almost 1pm an ambulance pulled up in our driveway and three smoky, cold firemen traipsed through our house spreading water and snow from their boots.  They explained how they had just come from the house fire that lasted all morning.  I thanked them for coming out anyway, and apologized profusely that the house was such a mess (moments before their arrival, Logan had decided to empty the bookshelf of all the books and evenly distribute them across the floor, basically spelling out "fire hazard").  They checked our smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, commented on the artistry of my evacuation plan, and chatted with Kian who described to them in detail how he was pretending to be Barney Wigglesworth from one of his bedtime stories.  They laughed about his sister coming from "My Kraine", (we tell him his sister is coming from Ukraine and he thinks we are saying "Your Kraine").  The miracle of it all?  Logan slept through the whole ordeal!!!  The blaring beeps of the smoke detectors, and even the fireman coming up into his room to check out the egress points.  I am not even kidding, this is a miracle of miracles.  I am praising God today.

Thanks all, for following along with this arduous journey of ours.  It continues, but we are seeing progress!  It gets more and more real!!!  Hang on little lady, we are coming... slowly but surely!