Thursday, February 28, 2013

a bit of life

Let's take a leisurely jaunt through the fascinating mind of a toddler, shall we?

Mission: usurp attention!
Stand by for breastfeeding session or rocking to sleep...
Troops mobilize!  Lower lip pout!  Hang onto leg! Go go go!

Exhibit A:
Rice.  Definitely NOT food.  Yeeeee-ugch
Exhibit B:
Paper towel roll with bits still stuck to it.  Definitely food.  Mmmmmm.

The wonders of the toddler mind never cease.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A new chapter

Here we are together again.  I have doubts anyone will read this post, but perhaps when we are further in our adoption journey someone will want to go back and read the beginnings.  So that's what this post is. 
   First I'll wrap up the previous posts.  In short, the house became "Living Acts", a place of intentional community where several of us lived and experimented with faith and life.  It was a good chapter, one I am grateful for.  We had our first child, Kian, in 2011 and Logan 2 months ago.  Before which we had moved to the house we purchased.  The Living Acts program had a beginning and an end, and now we are collaborating together with other area churches to form a new vision for the house.
  This is our next chapter.  We (Zack and Rachel) are pursuing international special needs adoption.  We have been praying and fasting about this calling for about a year.  Through a random post of a friend of a friend on facebook, we found Reece's Rainbow.  The need of the special needs orphan was weighed heavy on our hearts from the moment we saw "Susan's" (pseudomym) picture.  she was adopted in her country (which we rejoice in) but the plight of so many if her kind nagged us.  Now that we are settling onto a routine with our youngest, we are ready to pursue this.
   Stay tuned.  And pray, please.