Thursday, October 23, 2014

MONEY - garage sale, necklaces, candy bars

Our recent fundraisers have been surprising in many ways.  Since our dossier paperwork was creating a lot of... waiting... we decided to work on fundraising some more.  We can't be left with nothing to do!!!  :) just kidding.
   First, our town has an Antique Festival every fall, and we were excited about the opportunity to have a little garage sale and bake sale.  I say that a little sarcastically, because we weren't terribly excited about it.  We felt the need to take the opportunity, but the thought of having another garage sale so quickly was a little, um, overwhelming.  And what was going to be a small bake sale with a few garage sale items quickly turned into another full-fledged legit garage sale.  Lots of donations is a GOOD PROBLEM.  *keeps reminding self*  Bake sale items were made, items were priced, we were open for business.  Then it sleeted.  Not kidding.  Somehow despite the unsavory weather and the meager turnout, we made $141!  We were surprised by that.

   The next surprise came when we set out some candy bars to sell for our adoption.  We put them at our respective places of work.  I went to pick up the money in my envelope the same day our biggest bills came from our agency (translation is NOT CHEAP!).  I was shocked to find a WAD... not a few or singular.. but a WAD OF 20'S.  They didn't even take a candy bar!  I'm not sure why I'm fixating on that, it's my way of not being overwhelmed by the graciousness of unidentified people.  Talk about surprise!  Seriously the grace of people astounds me. 
   Next to report is our sale of necklaces.  Compelled Designs ( sells the most beautiful necklaces and gives them dirt cheap to adoptive families to sell for fundraisers.  They are breathtakingly beautiful.  Check them out on my facebook page.  We have sold about half of them now, so pick them up quick for the holidays!!!

   Dossier update: paperwork is being sent in the mail today or tomorrow!  We are DONE with our portion!  (I'll let you in on a secret - that's a REALLY GOOD FEELING!  I'M TALKING IN CAPS A LOT IN THIS POST).  From here on out it's the waiting game!  Waiting for the dossier to be submitted by our agency to Ukraine.  Waiting for the invitation to travel.  Waiting to travel.  Waiting to meet our new children!  Pray for us in this critical preparation time.  Thanks to everyone!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

PAPERWORK - Dossier update

Sorry another boring post!  We're having a fundraiser this weekend and so then we may have some pictures to provide.  Until then, let the snores begin.  We are working through our dossier.  We have noticed that the dossier is less paperwork and paperchasing than the home study, but it's so METICULOUS!  Everything has to be dotted and crossed just perfectly!  The wording in some cases has to be just so, and things like that.  We are trudging through, in spite.  Here's a a list of the major items and what we've accomplished so far in the dossier world:

renew Rachel passport and get passports for boys - done
employment verification letters - almost done (need one from 61 Surplus yet)
marriage certificate papers - done
apostille marriage papers and home study - need to send to Columbus
medical certificates including bloodwork - done
criminal background checks - needed to be redone - got fingerprints and papers, need to send it away
proof of home ownership - had to get a lawyer to write this one since we don't have mortgage, we are working on it

Fun list, huh?  That's where we're at, as you can see a lot of things are coming together, shouldn't be long until we can send it!