Friday, August 14, 2015

HOME - 3 months

This last few weeks has been very challenging, but we are seeing some positive progress and the majority of the days are "good" now.  The kids are all getting along better and tolerating each other better.  Gianna is finally on our dental insurance! The school is being so accommodating with Gianna's special circumstances and needs.  We're in a really good place right now.  Our next hurdle is getting school started.  Then we can start getting into the school groove and figuring out how that will work.  Gianna is very excited to go and has seen the building already.  After much deliberation and conversations, she will be in 1st grade.  We are going to work hard to ensure that first of all, it's a positive experience, and second, that she can get the academic help she needs to fill in gaps.  Kian will start preschool a week or so later, and he is very excited as well!  He's excited to have little friends who don't mind him roaring at them!

Some pictures of our summer:

Playing together at the park

looking at the dead moth that Gianna found


my adorable Viking children

Gianna found this baby gym in the give-away pile and she played in it for a few days, even slept in it for a few nights!

She had her first dental visit and was so brave.  I told her beforehand that no matter how it went, she would get Anna and Elsa dolls.  She did great and let the dentist poke around her teeth like a champ.

playing hospital


Gianna on a carousel!  I think she even loved it!

A little nervous to ride the horses but did great

We spend a lot of time in the van going to appointments.

releasing her little tree frog friend

this girl is my shining star

another hospital patient. this hospital really cares about creating a pleasantly decorated environment for their patients :)

She went to her developmental appointment dressed as Belle per her request.  I think she actually had less anxiety because of it!

She watched some baby birds in our hanging basket for a couple days, until they flew away.  She brought them little nuts and grasses as gifts.