Thursday, April 11, 2013


I think my little ones are waking up from their naps, but I wanted to post this.

Back story!  My son Kian has a Veggie Tales video about the Bible character Gideon.  He trusted God to help him when he was called to lead a teensy army in a battle that looked completely impossible to win.  Not only did he win it, but God did all the work for him.  All he needed to do was trust!  Gideon wasn't sure at first, however, and so God gracefully allowed him to "put out a fleece" and to test if God was surely in this calling.  His tests pointed him to the fact that God was indeed calling him to this and could be trusted to fulfill his promise.  It's a cute video - I encourage the watching of it.  "Gideon, the Tuba Warrior" or something like that.  Anyway, what struck me is the fact that we are teaching our children these things.  Do I fully believe them?  Do I put these things into practice?  Do I trust God?  Do I believe that he will help us in what he's called us to?  After introspection and review - yes.

Admittedly, I also was sortof inspired by the fleece idea.  The next day I decided to lay one out.  Partly in jest, I prayed "God, if the doctors are on time today ( ), then I will know that you are in this adoption idea (it's been seeming more and more crazy), and you will help us through."  In all truthfulness, I did think in my head that even if they were late as usual, we'd still go through with the adoption.  I don't know of all the theological ramifications of that little point, I'm sure one could dissect that more if one had the desire.  "Your fleece was stupid if it wouldn't have changed your mind anyway, Rachel" could be one potential thought, .  Ahem, be that as it may, let's continue, cuz here's where it gets pretty cool, .

When I arrived, the midwife was already there.  I want to say that again.  Jessica was already there.  Trust me on this, that's pretty cool.  It's maaaaaaybe happened one other time to me since I've worked there.  K.  "Woah," I thought, pausing pensively with a slight dismissal being still unconvinced that my fleece is not a stupid idea, "but Dr Cain still has to be on time".  Hey, little red devil, let's just see what happens, shall we?  Cuz - kablooie - in walks Dr Cain 20 minutes early.  That has happened more than once, albeit rarely.  That day it was because a scanner came that he wanted to play with and set up.  It was cool because it was supposed to come the day before, but came that day because the truck got lost! Divine intervention?  Distinct possibility.  Fleece?  Decidedly less and less stupid.

So there you have it.  What Veggie Tales has been telling Kian is true!!!  God is present and active and wants to help us!  As much as we get discouraged with the rising hurdles that come up in this process, I know more certainly now that God will surprise us and come through.  I don't know why I ever questioned it, but Thanks for the assurance, God.  You're awesome.

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Caroline Yoder said...

that is really neat and I love it!!!
I think that God is mysterious enough for fleece things not to be stupid