Thursday, June 4, 2009

Emptying... er, I mean Filling... 344!

Several names have been cropping up for this house.  "Solomon's Porch", "The Millersburg House", "The Church House", "Three-Four-Four".  So I think there's hope for honing it in...
Anyway, we moved in today!!!
Just in the nick of time all the carpets were shampooed thanks to Grandma's shampooer, and in came our stuff!  Moving makes one realize just how much stuff one really has.  Some of it we haven't seen for three years because it's been in storage as we "roamed about".  Unfortunately, Zack's plan for which room was to be our space was foiled when our box-spring did not fit up the stairs.  So our mattress sits in the living room for now, waiting for the shampoo to dry in Room Plan B.  We are looking forward to making this home for now, and also looking forward to guests on Saturday!  Whee! (maybe they can help sand the floor?) ahem.
Tomorrow mom-in-law and i are hitting the garage sales to fill a long list of needs!
More later!
No, Probs!
Heck, Defs!

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