Friday, June 7, 2013

PAPERWORK - getting it all done!

Sometimes I wonder, really wonder, if we are a little bit crazy.  It's becoming more and more apparent.  It's also becoming more apparent that God is blessing us richly with time and energy when it comes to the adoption process.  It still gets me nervously excited to rifle through novel-length applications and peer into the distance at the long road ahead.  How do we find the time when we are involved in so so so much else?  Hobbies, work, family, work, church, work.  Honestly, I haven't the foggiest.  How does anyone find any time for anything they enjoy?  They make it, or God gifts it to them.  We've had a little combo of both.  An evening here, a rare both-kids-are-napping opportunity there, a 20 minute do-this-tiny-task-while-you-are-both-playing-nicely over there, and a read-this-thing-while-breastfeeding here.  Somehow the time has been found.  Sometimes it feels like I'm squeezing blood from a stone.  Yes, there are the moments when I get an important phone call and as much as I am wringing my hands and hoping that it ends soon because Logan is crying in his crib and Kian needs to use the potty, then something happens like Dad shows up out of the blue cuz he was in the area and wanted to see the boys (true story)!  Those moments are thankfully not the majority.  Still, God provides, yo.  It's a fact.

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