Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ultramarathon update

  So, the Mohican 50 mile race is Saturday!  Zack's pretty pumped as you can imagine.  A few weekends ago he completed the longest training run in his schedule - 35 miles!  It took him about 7 hours.  He did it and did it well.  He said he was hardly even sore the next day.  The Ultramarathon running style is so different than the Marathon type.  It's more mind, eating, and endurance than times, pacing and speed.  Anyhow, I'm baking bread right now for his PB&J sandwiches (he'll eat about 4 throughout along with a laundry list of other foods - getting him the salt, fat, carbs and sugar he needs in the right balance).  He was going over the map with me and where I'm to be to give him his change of shoes (he changes clothes and shoes about halfway through), and additional food.
  If you think about it on Saturday, say a prayer for no falling and adequate nutrition and hydration and low humidity!  But also that our eyes would be opened once again and all the clearer to the bigger picture.  There is a bigger purpose to this race.  We wish to grow as people in our adoption journey, to gain all the more insight into how God loves and provides and strengthens us in journeys that can seem oh, so, long.
  Since this is also a fundraising effort, I want to say huge thanks to all who have pledged donations for this race!  Every cent per mile is huge to us!  (psst, Heather and Jason - your letter meant so much!)  I do want to plug in a quick reminder that it's not too late to sign up to pledge a donation!  Just e-mail us at!  We will have information after the race is completed (watch this blog) with instructions on options for paying.  Thanks again!!!
  Also please remember my sister Carrie and team who will also be doing a dawn-dusk hike as a fundraiser for us on the same day!

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