Monday, March 9, 2015

Another update on waiting

So here we sit.  I procrastinated writing this post because it's a little bit depressing.  Ok, that sounds worse than it is.  Come back, keep reading, it's not that bad.  We had about a month delay with our paperwork.  We were hoping to be approved late February but now we will have to wait until late this month to hear whether or not we are approved.  So that puts travel around May/June.  This adoption waiting is weird and vortexy but all told, it's not so bad.  There's lots to keep us busy.  Also, the more we think about this new timeframe, the better it seems.  There are a few pieces we can put into place before we travel.  We may even be able to take two trips which would be ideal.  So anyway, with that in mind, thanks everyone for sticking with us!  We'll keep you posted!  We're super close, and soon my posts will be way more exciting!!!

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