Thursday, March 26, 2015


IT'S THE BIG ONE!!!  Well, there are other big ones to come, but this is the BIGGEST SO FAR!!!  Yesterday we got word that we are traveling... IN TWO WEEKS!!!  I meant to post yesterday, but figured that my readership is pretty low and Facebook is better for simply letting everyone know.  It's so exciting to post something so concrete on this little blog of mine.  We travel April 10th (a Friday) and arrive in Kiev by Monday.  We are taking a one day layover in Oslo so Zack and I can have a little anniversary date.  We celebrate 10 years in a few months, and since it's going to be super difficult, if not impossible, to have our annual anniversary trip any other way, that's how we're going to make it happen this year!  And then our official appointment with the SDA in Kiev is on April 15th.  That will be a big day.  That's the day we receive a profile of a child (or two?) to meet.  My to-do list, like, exploded the last 24 hrs.  I'm going to be keeping everyone updated through this site as we travel, so bookmark this blog if you are interested.  It's really happening, people!!!

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