Friday, April 3, 2015

TRAVEL - the countdown is on!

it is now 7 days until we hop a jet plane for our new child(ren)!  We have been very busy with prep - making list after list.  We experienced the first of a set of acute money hemorrhages.  It was painful - but this week we had several blessings in that way, too.  Our church had some extra money in their adoption fund that we weren't aware of, we received word that we got a grant that we applied for, and a friend gave us a chunk of money that we weren't expecting, and we counted $100 more change from our change jar.  God just comes through!  It's amazing!  We've also been working on a few other little projects.  Yesterday my friend and I worked all day on filling our freezer with meals to fatten our orphanage kid(s) up!
See that one shelf?  That's a portion of the 31 meals we cooked up!

Also, I've been making a mini welcome book that someone can keep and look at, show to friends maybe?

It was a little set that I found at Save and Serve for .50.  I was pretty happy with the result.  There's several other pages - Mom, Dad, Grandparents made it in, and our house.

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