Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Test number two done successfully.  We played on the playground equipment and learned a lot about what she can and can't tolerate.  She has trouble with a lot of things other kids do with ease.  Her run exists but is awkward, she got sick after only a few minutes on the swings, and the slides were terrifying to her at first.  Our brave little bit learned that it's ok to try scary things with parents to help her and hold her hand.  Her favorite activity is "jumping" off of things into our arms.  It's not really jumping, it's more like a thrilling high hug.  She will be standing on a bench or something, and doesn't move until we are like an inch away, and then leans into our arms.  Hilarious.  She giggles like she just rode a ride at Cedar Point.  She's also very sensitive to tactile surprises.  If we tickle her leg and she doesn't expect it she yells like we hurt her.  Even just patting her back, she "ouches" at first like it scares her.  We bought her a little necklace and bracelet set today at the mall, and she was almost incapacitated with the choices.  She just looked at us like, "Um, what am I supposed to do here?"  The caretaker was telling her to pick one, and showing her some of them.  She just did not know what to do, until we picked four for her to look at and then she picked one of the four.  She has had such high structure for the last few years, that choices and independence overwhelms her.  She's a super trooper and we love her to pieces.

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