Sunday, April 19, 2015

TRAVEL - big fat belated update

So I was so focused on getting Facebook updates out there, and skyping with our families, and emailing people, that this blog went sadly unnoticed!  Well nevermore, little blog!  Here's a rundown of our travel so far:
  Fri April 10: went to airport, said goodbye to kids (sniff!), and hopped a couple planes.
  Sat April 11: arrived in Oslo afternoon Scandinavian time.  Got a train to Oslo city center and found our hotel with ease.  Got some groceries, ate, slept.
  Sun April 12:  our "Oslo day".  Slammin' huge, awesome, complimentary breakfast buffet extreme (extravaganza of delight); folk museum with tons of old style farm buildings, Viking ship museum (a real Viking ship!  It's like the stuff of my dreams!), castle tour (very quick, ran out of time); Oslo fjord tour on the S.S. Johanna.  Supper at a little restaurant/cafe.  I ate reindeer and trollkrem.  One of the most interesting meals I've ever eaten.  VERY EXPENSIVE but worth it.
  Mon April 13: somehow managed to make some mistakes and still have plenty of time to board our flights for Kiev.  Met our facilitator who was immediately warm and friendly and took us to buy groceries and to our apartment.  Evening meal in our little apartment kitchen.  Stomach starts to turn in knots in expectation of the next couple days.
  Tues April 14: "getting acquainted day".  Morning to relax and watch New Girl on Netflix, walked around Kiev in the freezing cold, got to know another family who is here to adopt.  A fun day.  Feeling a lot more peace about the SDA appointment.
  Wed April 15: SDA appointment day.  Got up super early and got ready and waited around.  Finally the time came.  The appointment went so well it was unbelievable.  Got referral for little 7 year old.  Sparkling eyes despite a difficult life.  Walked around Kiev a little more, the city's really growing on me.
  Thurs April 16: Met our translator in the morning (Elena, very sweet and go-get-um, just the kind I like!), got official referral/ permission to go meet our little critter, walked around some more.  Caught overnight train with Elena.
  Fri April 17: Hopped off train and straight into driver's car.  Many stops on way to orphanage to get the right permissions, papers, and people.  Suddenly sitting in orphanage director's office and we hear "Here she is!"  Little angel walks into the room.  A little arrow flew down from heaven and went -zing- straight into our hearts.  She gets so excited about the doll we brought, looks with interest at our little family book, and we learn more about her story and medical information.  Suddenly we have to go.  We say goodbye and go to our apartment here in the region.  Staying in something like a hostel above a doctor's office.  Suits our needs perfectly.  That night go to see her again.  She runs out of the line of little kids and holds her hands up to be held.  Be still my heart.  She recognized me!  Bring a tiny book of our family and we tell her it's hers.  "Forever?", is her translated question.  Ack!  So cute!
  Sat April 18:  Visit to the orphanage in the morning and afternoon.  Morning we talked to her caregiver and met her best friend.  Priceless.  Saw her bedroom and cubby, etc.  Played with play-doh and on the playground equipment.  By afternoon visit she was telling her friends that she has parents and was proudly displaying the button necklace we made together.  Though she was not told that we are hoping to adopt her (we are still considered her "visitors" or "guests"), she calls us mama and papa.  No doubt she's seen this done before and knows how it rolls.  She's glowing.  Going to visit the dolphins with the orphanage tomorrow, but tells the translator that she would rather go with us to our house instead.  Soon enough, my darling.
  Sun April 19: Saw the Black Sea, ate out, walked around.  Rested, relaxed.  Wondered if our little girl is enjoying the dolphins.
  Tomorrow we see what the orphanage decision is, and then whisk her away to Kiev for medical testing if the answer is a good one. :)

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