Tuesday, April 21, 2015

TRAVEL - Kiev again

Yesterday was quite a whirlwind!  We were here and there and everywhere!  But the best news is that the orphanage director allowed the adoption process to begin and we were able to take Yuliya (who wishes to change her name, but until court she is still Yuliya) to Kiev to get the required medical testing for country exit.  The ride was hard going and the roads gave Sergei's car a busted wheel.  5 hrs with Yuliya and her caregiver, however, was priceless to learn how she acts in different situations.  What she likes to eat, I learned about her medications, and listened to her interact with her caregiver.  She is a resilient little one.  The car ride made her sick a couple times, but she's a trooper and she got through it.  We arrived in Kiev a little before 3am.  6am we were up to get her to the medical center for the test.  She did well and we went to get breakfast.  I learned what she eats in the orphanage and got to practice saying no when she wanted cakes instead of porridge.  She took it well, we are still strangers to her.  :)  Then we got groceries for the next few days and I helped to give her a bath (also very informative), seriously, this is like gold being able to learn what she's used to the last few years.  Now we will rest and catch up on Z's.  Pray for us please as this test takes 3 days.  Pray that the next few days go well!!!

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