Saturday, April 25, 2015

TRAVEL - Odessa and court date

We got a court date!  We figured we would be waiting a week, but our amazing facilitator/translator team is just really good at what they do. :)  I'm kidding, I don't know how much they had to do with it (I suspect at least some) but when they told us we have a court date yesterday already I was like, "You guys rock!"  So our court date is May 14.  We will be coming home on Monday the 27th and going back by middle of May.  We toured Odessa today and, my, what a beautiful city!  I say!  It put me in an old-timey phrase kind of mood.  Dear me, that opera house was grandiose!  Heavens to Betsy did you see those grey army ships?  Well my stars, they were just the bee's knees!  I feel old amongst all these trendy, hip 14 yr olds and rhinestone-studded flats-wearing affluent youths.  Well, I better hit the hay.  My knees are done wore out from all that walking.

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