Saturday, June 13, 2015

TRAVEL - finishing up

Lots of paperwork fury happened after we got her out of the orphanage.  Then we waited in Odessa a few days and headed to Kiev to wait for her passport to arrive.  We did several appointments and paperwork before the passport came, just couldn't pick the results up until it came.  Also waited to finish at the embassy for the passport.  Nail-biting later, I'm glad we did that, because the passport was a few days later than expected.  Then we had to run like crazy to finish things up and fly out that weekend.  It was crazy, and there were lots of twists and turns in the road.  One near disaster after another, and we landed back at home all together!!!  We were crunching up to deadlines and praying A LOT.  The trip home was better than I expected, but still long and arduous.  None of it seemed to matter, though, when we were finally in our own beds tucking our children in.  All worth it!  We came home almost a week ago tomorrow.  Here's how the rest of the trip looked:

shopping together in the streets of Kiev

See that tiny door by Zack's head?  That's the SDA.  Where all Ukrainian adoptions go.  wild.

First morning as a family.

Going wild in Odessa!

exploring the Delphinarium in Odessa.


Getting to know each other.  Very well.  In one room.  The majority of the time.  Help.

Try telling her not to drink the water.  I dare you.

Getting to be a pro on the swing!

Our delightful bunch of kiddos.

Grass!  Running free in the grass outside of the embassy.  Waiting to go in for our visa.

This is the life!

"I'm going to my new home!!!"

Yep.  I used a tablet.  Not apologizing.

Goodbye Ukraine!

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