Tuesday, June 16, 2015

HOME - the first week

So here we are, one week in!  What a week it's been!  Our first few days were chaos but we managed, then the days got easier for a little where everyone played a little better, then it got hard again with everyone feeling the stress.  It wasn't "fun" anymore, and the last few days have been more difficult with whining and tantrums and grumpiness and sadness.  Gianna has had only a few outbursts, mostly just attitude.  She is generally sunny and compliant.  Logan has been the most vocal with lots of crying at night and temper tantrums.  Kian has been sad and felt ignored a lot.  We are honeymooning but everyone is adjusting in their own ways, too.  It's a strange vortex phase.  One huge praise - we hardly had ANY problems with jet lag.  It seriously was a non-deal.  The language barrier is obvious and difficult.  She is already picking up words like; stand, sit, please, hey wait, Logan/Kian don't, blue, kitty, puppy, "come here".  Those are the ones I can think of now.  Those are the ones she uses unprompted from memory.  She repeats a lot of words we say.  I'll be perfectly honest, I can't wait for her to speak English.  I ache so often to communicate with her.  There are times that she is telling me about her previous life with wide eyes and I just have to stare and pray that she tells me again later when I have a video recorder running.  Someday we'll be able to talk and think through things together and I can tell her about how God loves her - all of her, her difficult parts and her lovely parts.  Someday.  Sooner rather than later from what I'm hearing!  We're managing, learning, getting to know one another, figuring this whole thing out.  Day by day, little by little.  Next on the agenda - move to the new house!
the first morning - toys!

my bed!

this bunny!


whatever this is!

the first breakfast

the first day.  it felt like babysitting.  "let's get every toy and every costume out and take it back and forth inside and outside and inside and outside!"

our schedule, helps me relay what the plan is for the day

finding things she likes to do

"quiet time".  lol.  welcome to America kiddo!

"Masha and the Bear" is a Russian cartoon and it has given her a welcome break from all the English.  I think it makes her feel comfort in stressful days.

helping Daddy cut strawberries

umbrellas are like the coolest thing apparently, even when it's not raining

learning to play together



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