Tuesday, July 14, 2015

HOME - excuse the absence!!!

So, we moved!  Turns out, it's a difficulty to get internet to our house.  They had to run a new line, and it's delayed in getting us internet.  Hence, the silence on this blog.  But worry not!  I have not forgotten about this blog, nor do I intend to quit posting.  I have a few minutes at my parent's house after an hour-long email checking session.  So... in the meantime... some pictures!  We are six weeks in and can I just say - what a journey it's been!  Gianna is adjusting remarkably considering all the changes she is experiencing.  There have been bumps and trials, but all are manageable with some late-night ice cream eating, some mommy time-outs, a few bubble baths, and only a pinch of crying in the bathroom.  It's really been good overall.  Our move was smooth and didn't phase the kids any more than the adoption did - maybe just prolonged the transition phase. :)

each "kitty" had their own box

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