Wednesday, July 29, 2015

HOME - 9 weeks

Still no internet, but here’s an update.  The medical appointments have only increased for Gianna.  She’s a trooper and does just great even though they are scary for her.  She grew half an inch, grew out of three pairs of pants, and has commented at how pink her lips look in the mirror.  The dark circles under her eyes are better, and she looks generally so much healthier.  Now if we could only get some meat on those “sad arms”. J  The biggest appt recently was a week ago when Gianna had her developmental exam done.  This was to determine her cognitive, fine motor, gross motor abilities as well as start her measure in English language and social abilities. They said she would be a great kindergartener cognitively, as long as the school will accommodate for her anxieties socially.  I’ve been in contact with them and they are helpful so far and we will be working to form a plan. 
We are all working hard to learn how to be a functional family group.  No one is working harder than Gianna.  She is learning what to do when she is mad, learning it is ok to be sad, and learning how excited mom gets when she is happy.  She is eating way way better, and I’m finding what foods she consistently likes and eats.  She ate all her food again yesterday!  I about threw a party.  She still sleeps really well, too.  Our bedtime routine is my favorite of the day.  We end up in giggling fits.  She knows all the motions to Let it Go and she tries to sing along.  Spoiler alert – it’s freaking adorable.

Kian is really getting the hang of listening to his sister.  I’ve tried to recognize him and make him feel special in little ways.  We talk a lot about preschool and he’s super excited.  Logan is still 2 years old.   I don’t love his tantrums.  Something that I love, though, is watching him try to say a super long sentence.  He stutters and deliberates and starts over and it’s hilarious.   I love my kids to pieces.  They are the bees’ knees.



new best buddy Bella

the poor kitty got bit on the nose by a dragon.  she was nursed back to health by Gianna and made a miraculous recovery.

learning about feelings

Gianna in her room

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