Thursday, May 7, 2015


Pink is our little one's favorite color - so this crazy nesting mama went a little crazy.  Pink crazy.  She requested her room to be painted pink.  Pink it is!

She loves dolls.  The kids have a doll with one outfit, and I had some infant clothing that I loved and bought just in case we had a girl.  I have such trouble giving them up because they are so darn cute, so I decided to take a few favorites and refashion them for the doll I have.  I thought the results were pretty cute. :)

Little pantlets after


Also, I went shopping.  There are so many cute hairbows at Sol's in Berlin and I went a little nuts.  Just a little nuts, cuz I want her to be able to choose her own when she returns.  So I consider it harrrdddly nuts, and mostly okay.

Oh yeah, there was a tutu also.  And the headband is from Save and Serve so it doesn't count. :)

There's tons of pink in my laundry basket! It's really cool and exciting!

We leave on Tuesday, and the next several days are simply packed with getting things ready.  Ready to go, and ready to come back. :)

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