Saturday, May 16, 2015

TRAVEL - Bilgorod

Day 1 completed, day 2 nearly so.  I'm starting to feel like I can do this!  Our visits have gone well and Gianna is eager to see us each day.  The walk to the orphanage is doable and it means we don't have to pay for a taxi - even though it's only a buck fifty. :)  The exercise does us good.

We are staying in the third floor of a Christian medical clinic.  They are like a multi-physician practice and the third floor is a series of hostel-like rooms.  There are community bathrooms, showers, and kitchen.  It's cheap and perfect for what we need.  There are enough larger common rooms for the kids to play and not be confined to one room as in a hotel.  There is another family staying here.  They are refugees from Donetsk in the conflict region.  They have been here for about a year now I believe.  The couple is very nice, and have a little girl Kian's age.  They were fast friends and have played well together.  There is an older boy and a little 9 month old dude and a grandma.  They are a warm and friendly presence.
Playing bubbles with Victoria and Victor

We have found out which groceries we like best, as well.  Everything is so cheap and fresh, we have sincerely been enjoying the food!
Our Ukraine groceries

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